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Imagine being a hurting, destitute, homeless little girl that no one wanted, who was forced to fend for herself in the hostile streets of Honduras.

That was the desperate situation for many little girls before Our Little Roses stepped in, and still is for the girl child that has not been rescued. These are girls with no one to care for them , no one except the receiving ministry of Our Little Roses in San Pedro Sula, and the sponsors who support this transforming work. Unbelievably, there are still many such children who live in hope for a home and someone to love and nurture them and provide an education to meet the challenges of adult life.

You could be that person. You could be a sponsor that could virtually change her circumstances offering hope and a future beyond imagination. Will you help?

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3 Villlage girls beg

But for Our Little Roses Our Girls Could be Begging or Worse   

Little girls begging for food is a common sight in Honduras.  Our Little Roses girls who have been  rescued from the most impoverished situations now receive healthy advantages in our loving home that include a good education, balanced diet, medical and mental health care and opportunities to learn how to succeed.
We do continually receive new girls who have no one to care for them and who will also realize a life of hope. We rejoice when Our Little Roses girls graduate to enter the job market or achieve professional careers. OLR ministries are far reaching affecting many relationships beyond the girls including sponsors, families and people in Honduras who are served by Holy Family School, medical and dental clinics and our other outreach ministries. We believe that God calls us to raise up and serve the poor for a better life and we are connected through Christ.

The truth is that without financial support to keep the Our Little Roses Home open we would be guilty of unspeakable harm. It is our mission to work to eliminate the curse of poverty as best we can by preparing girls that God gives us so they as adults are a force for change upward in Honduran Society. This can be accomplished by equipping and inspiring each Our Little Roses girl to make a difference. 
We need your financial help to do the impossible. 

Please help us give these scared, hungry and abandoned little girls a safe and and loving home.

Our Little Roses Ministries
San Pedro Sula, Honduras
A complete ministry for women and children

In December 2012, a documentary film crew led by Director Brad Coley began filming at Our Little Roses Home for Girls in San Pedro Sula, Honduras Watch the film teaser here and learn more about the documentary film project

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